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Your company is great and I'll continue to use you in the future! Thanks again!
Brittany, Maple Grove, MN

Arkansas 2013 State Meet Hoodie
CUSTOM State Meet Hoodies!! Add your NAME to your Hoodie!
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Team :
Last Name to be included in the design
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Product Details

New this year!!  You can add your  last name  to the hoodie design!   Customized hoodies will only be available by pre-order!  If you do not make the deadline, we will have a limited number of shirts available for sale, without your name, of course, at the State Meet.  The extra items will be put up for sale after all the teams have picked up their preordered shirts and towels.

This is the official 2013 Arkansas Short Course State Championship Hoodie.  All shirts will be delivered to the meet.  One person from each team will pick up all of the state merchandise for your team.  Check with your coach to see who that person will be.

Deadline to order is February 1!!

Please choose your team!