April 8, 2014 at Splashwear Aquatics....Team Orders and Precious Girls!

Posted at www.swimmerstuff.com by Jeannie on 04/08/2014

Today was a great day at Splashwear.  I got to visit with some great new customers (teaser) and help several teams with their team orders.  So, I'll make you wait on the news about the new customers.....that comes in a minute!!  

Most of the day I took orders and worked on custom suits designs for teams.  I love designing suits.  It scratches my artistic itch!  I've always been creative and designing suits is right up my alley!  I spend a lot of time with all of my vendors but one of Splashwear's specialties is.....Q Swimwear custom team suits!  They are incredible.  Such cute suits!!  And so unique.  Getting a custom suit is a great option for any team!  There are a few different companies that make custom suits, but in my opinion...Q is, by far, the best!

I love dealing with Q.  Their number one concern is making the customer happy...and that's pretty major!  I deal with vendors every day and most of them are good, but Q is incredible!  I always know that they will go above and beyond the call of duty to make me and my customer completely satisfied!  I love working with them!  Now...you might wonder what the big deal is....well, when you get a custom suit, you can have it designed to be completely unique...a suit no one else will have!  And, you can get that same print forever!  When you buy a print suit off the rack, you  can only get the suit for a two years at the most...then they are discontinued.  Q's suits are made of polyester so they last a long time.  Don't worry about sizing....I have sizing kits!  




Aren't these great!  You are only limited by your imagination!  What could be better than that!?
Anyway....that is how I spend most of my day.  I helped several teams with custom suits...these are just two!
Now....for the big news!  I also got to visit with a long time customer....he coaches a YMCA team in Arkansas.  He brought in his wife and their new additons.... two adorable little adopted daughters.  They are precious.  The 5 year old will be swimming on Daddy's swim team this summer.  That is so exciting!  I'm so happy for them.  Their little family went from just a couple of two to a family of 4!  And such a wonderful familly they have!  Lucky parents and lucky little girls....and now I know I have two more long time customers!!  :) 
Happy Swimming!
Let me know your good news!!