Speedo's Booms are on the way!!

Posted at www.swimmerstuff.com by Jeannie on 09/12/2011
March 2012....that's the release date!  Speedo's new hot item is called Speedo Booms.  Fur lined deck boots for females. They feature an exclusive lightweight rubber compound that provides the ultimate traction.  The fur lining has an anti-microbial coating to help reduce the growth of odor causing bacteria.  The top of the boot can roll down to any height and will show off the fur lining.  It also has a snap loop to hold your goggles or anything else you need to keep track of.  They can also be personalized with your team logo!  They come in black, navy, bronze and black and white zebra print.  These will fly off the shelves! Be sure to get your order in early!