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Thanks again! I will be ordering more from you! I am amazed at how well you have treated me in responding to my order. Calling me only a couple of hours after my online order to discuss alternate bag and combining my items shows exceptional customer service. I just started swimming a couple of weeks ago since I have a stress fracture in my foot that is limiting my ability to run. I quickly realized that it's impossible for me to keep track of my laps in the pool. Google led me to your site showing you had the best price on the swim lap counter and I was very happy to find great prices on the other items I ordered. Thank you for making this a great experience. G
Gerald, Beavercreek, OH

Blueseventy NeroTX Jammer

Fina and NCAA Approved!
Blueseventy-Nero-TX-Jammer-front Blueseventy-Nero-TX-Jammer-back
Item: B70JAM
MSRP: $210.00
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The highly compressive nature of our TX Diaphanous fabric gives a figure hugging fit to the neroTX range. The end result is a suit that helps to streamline the body shape in the water and therefore make the swimmer go faster.


The ultrasonically welded seams in the neroTX range significantly reduce the drag found in conventionally sewn swimwear. The extremely lightweight nature of our TX fabric further enhances the seam welding leaving an almost undeterminable seam line. The water repellent nature of the suit further increases the ability of the swimmer to slip through the water and therefore reduces passive drag.


Years of extensive research and hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone into making sure every neroTX suit provides the perfect fit to facilitate optimal, individual swimming technique. From the very nature of our unique TX fabric, down to the strategic alignment/ interplay of shoulder straps and scapular movement, to the pin point accuracy of seam lines, each neroTX has been designed to be a part of you the swimmer, maximising your potential, not working against it.

Athlete quotes

“blueseventy's suits helped elevate me from contender to gold medalist at the Beijing Olympics. NeroTX will once again create a standard for competitive swimwear that others will find very hard to beat.”
~ Martin Van der Weidjin
“The ability for blueseventy to stay at the innovative top of our sport is clearly seen in the development of the neroTX.”
~ Rowdy Gaines
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