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African-American Female Swimmer Ornament
Our female swimmer has her goggles and swim cap on and is ready to make the...
Santa LifeGuard on Guard Stand Ornament
Santa's on the Beach and ready to Go!!
African-American Male Swimmer Ornament
Our male swimmer has his goggles and swim cap on and is ready to make the splash...
Scuba Diver Ornament
Choose Male or Female Diver!
Blonde Female Lifeguard Ornament
Awesome Gift For Your Lifeguard!
Scuba Diving Santa Ornament
Santa is Scuba Diving! How Cool is That?
Brunette Female Lifeguard Ornament
Great Gift For Your Lifeguard!
Set of 2 Orca Christmas Ornament
This Whale Ornament is Sure to Make a Splash!
Dolphin Christmas Tree Ornament
Beautiful Dolphin Ornament
Silver Coach Christmas Ornament
The perfect gift for your favorite coach!
Female Scuba Diver Ornament
Cute Girl Scuba Diver!
Smores Coach Ornament
Perfect for your "Sweet" Coach!
Filled Flipper Ornament
Flippers stuffed with goggles, snorkel and other beach items. Fun to hang from...
Snorkling Santa Ornament
Glitter finish on his fins and goggles!
Male Freestyle Swimmer Ornament
Choose your color
Swim or Scuba Fins Ornament
Choose from yellow or blue!
Male Lifeguard Ornament
Awesome Gift for Your Lifeguard!
Swimmer in Pool Ornament
Perfect to Personalize
Male Starting Swimmer Ornament
Swimmers....Take your mark....