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Kemp Head Immobilizer 20

Kemp Head Immobilizer-Red-Opened up
Kemp Head Immobilizer-Red-Opened up Kemp Head Immobilizer Kemp Head Immobilizer-Yellow Kemp Head Immobilizer-Orange
Orange-Opened up Kemp Head Immobilizer-Blue Kemp Head Immobilizer-Black
Item: 10-001
MSRP: $80.00
Our Price $75.00
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12 - 47$71.75

Product Details

• Compatible with all spineboards with the exception of EG and CJ boards.
• Comes with two head/chin straps and base plate that easily adheres to the board.
• Wide, fast-stick closures.
• Up to 50% more support surface.
• Features large circular holes to monitor bleeding and allow fluid drainage.
• Lack of metal components means it can be worn during x-rays, CT scans and MRIs.
• Waterproof and buoyant.
• Easy to clean.
• 10''L x 16''W x 7''H.