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We got our parka’s in today! They are lovely! Thanks again for the help and speedy service! Much appreciated!

We have everything you need to make lifeguarding safer and easier.  First Aid kits, fanny packs, whistles, lanyards, backboards, rescue tubes.  If you don't see it here, just call us and we'll find it for you at a great price!

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AMBU BVM (Bag Valve Mask) All Sizes
The bag is highly responsive, with minimal mechanical resistance!
Kemp Pediatric Head Blocks (Pair) 20
Pediatric head immobilizer sized for infants heads
Chamois Sport Towels 20
High Quality PVA chamois in carrying case!
Was $9.00
Kemp Pediatric Spineboard 20
The Kemp Pediatric Spineboard Is Important To Have Around The Pool!
Dolfin Female Solid Mock Neck Long Sleeve Rash Guard 20
Stay Protected With The Dolfin Rash Guard!
Kemp Professional Trauma Bag 18
Stay Organized With The Kemp Professional Trauma Bag!
Fox 40 Peerless Whistle- 20
Original Fox 40 brand whistle.
Kemp Rapid Deployment Pediatric Immobilizer 20
Kemp USA’s Pediatric Head Immobilizer features vinyl coated foam blocks that...
Kemp 18" AB Spineboard- 18
Waterproof And Excellent For Water Rescue!
Kemp Reflective 10 Point Straps 20
A Favorite Among Emergency Professionals For Their Ease Of Use!
Kemp 20-inch Coast Guard Approved Ring Buoy 18
Classic Lifesaving Tool!
Kemp Replacement Pillows For Head Immobilizer (Pair) 20
Replacement Pillows
Kemp 24-inch Coast Guard Approved Ring Buoy 18
A Must Have For Any Water Safety Team!
Kemp Replacement Straps For Head Immobilizer (Pair) 20
A pair of Kemp Replacement Straps for the Head Immobilizer
Kemp 40" Rescue Tube With Plastic Clips- 18
Most Popular Rescue Tube!
Kemp Rescue Tube Cover 18
Extend The Life Of Your Rescue Tube With The Kemp Cover!
Kemp 50" Rescue Tube With Plastic Clips-18
50" x 6" x 3.5"
Kemp Royal Blue Responder Bag 18
Great First Aid Bag!
Kemp 50" Rescue Tube-18
The Kemp 50" Rescue Tube Is The Preferred Choice By The American Red Cross!
Kemp Spineboard Mounting Bracket 18
Mounts Easily To The Wall
Kemp 60' Economy Throw Rope With Buoy 15
The Kemp 60' Economy Throw Rope With Buoy Is Ideal To Use With A Ring Buoy!
Kemp Tube Cover With Hole For Seal Easy Mask 18
Protect Your Rescue Tube And Have Easy Access To Your CPR Mask!
Kemp 60' Throw Line With Ball 18
Ideal To Use With A Ring Buoy Or Alone!
Kemp Two Piece Spineboard Strap 18
This Strap Can Be Used With All Spineboards!
Kemp Base For Head Immobilizer-Replacement 20
Replacement Base for the head immobilizer
Kemp Two Piece Spineboard Strap With Metal Buckle and Ends 18
Quick-Release Push Button Buckle!
Kemp CPR Board 18
The Kemp CPR Board Provides A Firm Surface For Proper Position!
Kemp Type II Life Jacket 20
This life jacket is U.S. Coast Guard Approved!
Kemp CPR Prompt Lung Bags Case of 100
Be prepared for your classes with enough bags for everyone!
Kemp Universal Life Vest 18
The Kemp Universal Life Vest provides safety and comfort for a wide range of...
Kemp EMS Medical Field Kit Bag 18
The Kemp EMS Medical Field Kit Bag Is Compact And Durable!
Kemp USA 10 Person 10 Unit First Aid Kit
This kit contains 63 items.
Kemp First Responder Bag 18
The Kemp First Responder Bag Can Hold All The Supplies You Need!
Kemp USA 10 Watt Megaphone 19
The KEMP 10 Watt Megaphone is a battery-operated megaphone with a siren.
Kemp Guard Mesh Hip Pack - 20
Perfect for every Lifeguard!
Kemp USA 10lb Diving Brick
KEMP™'s Rubber Diving Brick is a staple for water rescue training.
Kemp Head Immobilizer 20
Kemp USA 25 Watt Megaphone 19
By far the best seller of all the megaphones!
Kemp Intubation Bag 18
The Kemp Intubation Bag is designed specifically to help organize supplies...
Kemp USA 35 Person 24 Unit First Aid Kit
This 24-person first aid kit is a perfect medium-level kit and meets many state...
Kemp Leg Immobilizer 20
The Kemp Leg Immobilizer Provides A More Comfortable And Secure Option For The...
Kemp USA 50 Person 36 Unit First Aid Kit
One of the most complete first aid kits on the market, KEMP's 36-unit First Aid...
Kemp Marine Rescue 28" Rescue Can 18
This is the original rescue can developed by Bob Burnside, the L.A. county chief...
Kemp USA 50% Wool Blanket
A thick blanket is a basic, versatile tool. KEMP™'s durable grey blanket is ideal...
Kemp Marine Rescue 34" Rescue Can 18
This is the original rescue can developed by Bob Burnside, the L.A. county chief...
Kemp USA 6 Watt Megaphone 18
Make sure your voice is heard over the splashing and chatter with this powerful...
Kemp One Piece Spineboard Strap 18
Durable Strap For Use With The Kemp AB Spineboard!
Kemp USA 80% Wool Blanket
The KEMP 80% Wool Blanket is the perfect choice to meet the many needs of...