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I have to say that I have really enjoyed the overall experience with your company & we will be shopping with you again.
Lee, Arcadia, IN

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Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player 21
Swimming won't be the same with this UNDERWATER MP3 PLAYER!
Robic SC-522 Count-Up and Countdown Timer 21
Versatile and easy to use!! Track separate activities with two timers.
Robic 1000W Dual Stopwatch & Countdown Timer 21
Best Choice and 20 Times More Powerful Than Other Brands!
Robic SC-539 Single Event Timer and 2 Memory Recall Split Stopwatch 21
Great entry level stopwatch offering superior quality & features!
Robic 1000W Dual Stopwatch Countdown SET of 6 Asstd Colors 21
The best choice for reliability at the most economical price!
Robic SC-591 Referee Watch w/ 100 Memory & Light 21
The perfect Referee’s & Officials Wrist Watch! Use this sleek, high quality wrist...
Robic 12-Pack Clear Carrying and Storage Case 21
Protect & Store your stopwatches in this case!
Robic SC-606W 50 Memory Chrono & Countdown Timer 21
Combines the two most desired timing functions: a dual split stopwatch with an...
Robic M-349 Pedometer 56 Day Personal Activity Tracker 21
Track and store all your activity records up to 56 days (8 weeks).
Robic SC-717W 100 Dual Memory Stopwatch 21
Outstanding Value & Superior quality
Robic M357 Tally Counter 21
Easily tallies all counting needs. Count people in attendance, pitches at a ball...
Robic SC-757W 500 Dual Memory Stopwatch 21
Superior Quality and Advanced Timing Functions offered at an outstanding Value.
Robic M457 Clipboard, Stopwatch, Calculator 21
For timing and calculation purposes with the convenience of a clipboard for...
Robic SC-899 Triple Timer Stopwatch 21
Displays Lap Number, Lap Speed, Lap Time and current Lap Running Time.
Robic M603 Three Memory Timer 21
The Versatile and Easy-To-Use Robic M603 Three Memory Stopwatch is Perfect For...
Robic Silver 2.0 Twin Chronograph and Countdown Timer Stopwatch 21
Combines a multi-mode stopwatch with an easy-to-use countdown timer.
Robic M613 Personal Rep Fitness & Dual Interval Training Timer 21
Repetitive Coaching Fitness and Conditioning Timer Perfect for Drills, Tabata,...
Robic Silver 60 Sixty-50 Dual Memory Timer w/EL Backlight 21
The Robic Silver 60 is a Professional Grade stopwatch providing multiple timing...
Robic M703 Twin Timers 21
The Robic M703 Twin Timer Features Two Independent Timers In One Easy-To-Use Unit!
SportCount Finger Chrono 200 Lap Counter/Stopwatch 20
Fits on your Finger!
Robic M747 StrikeAlert Personal Lightning Detector 21
Stay Safe and Know When To Get Out of the Pool!
SportCount Finger Combo Lap Counter & Timer 20
Fits on your Finger!
Robic M803 Big Game Timer 21
The BIG GAME Timer is not just for big games! Use it anywhere for any timed event.
SportCount Finger Countdown Timer 20
Fits on your finger for endless uses!
Robic M847 StrikeAlert HD-Lightning Detector 21
Presenting the next generation of personal lightning detection…exclusive 360...
SportCount Finger Lap Counter 20
Fits on your finger!
Robic M903 Bright View Display Timer 21
Let Everyone See How Much Time Is Left With Robic's Bright View Display Timer!
SportCount Finger Stopwatch 20
Fits to your finger!
Robic M947 StrikeAlert HD-Field Lightning Detector 21
Personal Lightning Detection as well as Heat Index!
SportCount Pace Trainer 20
Instantly provides feedback on pace lap split time & rest period time.
Robic SC-429 Single Event & Multiple Split Stopwatch 21
Wow! Features & benefits not found on any other stopwatch at this price!
Squeezeline Streamline Sensor 17
The first streamline sensor! Stop bad streamlines today!
Robic SC-429 Water Resistant 2 Memory Stopwatch-SET of 6 Colors 21
Water-resistant, precise & easy to use!
Tempo Trainer Pro 21
A personal waterproof pace coach
Robic SC-500E Silent and Audible Single Event Stopwatch 21
Can be used error-free by anyone, for accurate results.
TYR Z200 Stopwatch 21
Keep track of everything at the palm of your hand with the new TYR Z-200 Stopwatch.
Robic SC-502T Handheld Countdown Timer 21
Very Easy to Use!
Ultrak 495 - 100 Dual Split Memory 21
Simple to use and extremely powerful!
Robic SC-505W 12 Memory Chrono Stopwatch 21
The ultimate in ease of operation.
Watergear Classic Stopwatch 18
Time it right on the Watergear classic Stopwatch!
Was $20.00
Robic SC-505W 12 Memory Chrono Stopwatch SET of 6 Asstd Colors 21
Robic's Most Popular Stopwatch Ever-Now TWICE as powerful as before!