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Jeannie is a people person who understands the aquatic market and loves people. She is a rare swim distributor who understands the needs of swimmers and coaches, who follows through on her promises and is passionate about serving. I am excited to work with her as a collaborator in her family business. No board of directors tells her how far she can go in making sure the needs of her clients are met. She makes my company better as she demonstrates best business practices come from the best people. People like Jeannie.
Steve, Owner of Tropical Penguin

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Adoretex Mesh Equipment Bag 20
Keep your wet equipment in this awesome mesh bag safely away from all your...
Nike Swim Roll Top Backpack 20
Nike Swim Roll-Top Backpack safely stores your swimming gear.
Arena Fast Urban Backpack 19
Be versatile with your storage while using the Arena Fast Urban Backpack.
Speedo Printed Teamster Backpack 35L 21
The Best Swim Backpack in great prints!!
Arena Team Backpack 45L 20
Our newest addition to our line of swim & dry-land training gear backpacks, the...
Speedo Ventilator Tote 18
The Speedo Ventilator Tote Is Perfect For All Your Outdoor Activities!
Arena Team Cargo Rolling Bag 20
The perfect bag for your journeys!
Tyr 45L Backpack Star Spangled Print 20
Show your American pride with this great backpack!
Arena Team Mesh Bag 20
This bag holds up well and will stretch to fit all of your equipment!
TYR Alliance 45L Backpack 20
A roomy & versatile swim backpack!
Arena Team Trolley 20
The tough and water-repellent arena travel trolley Fast Trolley is the ideal...
TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack 20
The TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack Is The Perfect Choice For Hauling Swim And...
Arena Therese Fast Woman 19
A sophisticated alternative to the classic gym bag, our Therese Fast tote is a...
TYR Commander Laptop Case 20
The TYR Laptop Briefcase Is Designed For Wherever Your Daily Routine Takes You!
Dolfin Ready Room Back Pack 19
With a waterproof compartment, this backpack can hold your wet gear safely away...
TYR Mesh Equipment Bag 20
Always be ready with the TYR Alliance® Mesh Equipment Bag!
Dolfin Uglies Mesh Bag 19
The Dolfin Uglies Mesh Bag Can Hold All Your Swim Gear!
TYR Wet/DryCoalition Carryall 20
The TYR Utility Wet/Dry Bag is Designed To Keep Valuables Safe and Dry In...
Mesh Equipment Swim Bag
This bag will hold ALL of your training equipment! Perfect to take your...
USA 2017-2021 Swimming Time Standards Bag Tag
Shipping is just $1.00!! Long Course and Short Course Time Standards