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Thank you for the great customer service!! Such a rarity these days.
Tom, Los Palma, CA

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1 Line H2O Sink or Swim Beanie CLEARANCE!
Stay warm after those races with these bright beanies!
Was $12.00
SportCount Finger Combo Lap Counter & Timer 18
Fits on your Finger!
Backstroke Oval Decal/Sticker
Free Shipping!
SportCount Finger Countdown 18
Fits on your finger!
Chamois Sport Towels 19
High Quality PVA chamois in carrying case!
SportCount Finger Lap Counter 18
Fits on your finger!
Crystal Dolphin Pin
This pin really sparkles and shines!
SportCount Finger Stopwatch 18
Fits to your finger!
Crystal Marlin Pin
Sparkly and shiny Marlin pin
Squeezeline Streamline Sensor 17
The first streamline sensor! Stop bad streamlines today!
Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player 18
Swimming won't be the same with this UNDERWATER MP3 PLAYER!
Swim Acrylic Keyring
Free Shipping!
Finis Ultimate Drag Suit 18
Drag "cups" around the waistline of the suit increase forward resistance! Great...
Swim Mom Acrylic Keyring
Free Shipping!
Got Chlorine Magnet
Be Proud With The Got Chlorine Magnet!
SWIM Mousepad
Pink and White!
Hand Crocheted Flower Pony Tail Holders-18
Available in tons of colors!
Swim Oval Magnet
Free Shipping!
I Swim Magnet
Tell People What You Are About With The I Swim Magnet!
Swim Taxi Magnet
Show Your Support With The Swim Taxi Magnet!
Kemp USA 10 Watt Megaphone 19
The KEMP 10 Watt Megaphone is a battery-operated megaphone with a siren.
Swimmer Dude Decal/Sticker
Free Shipping!
Kemp USA 25 Watt Megaphone 19
By far the best seller of all the megaphones!
Swimmer Girl Keyring
Free Shipping!
Kemp USA 6 Watt Megaphone 18
Make sure your voice is heard over the splashing and chatter with this powerful...
Swimmer Girl Mouse Pad
The perfect mouse pad for your swimmer girl!!
Pirahna Water Proof Swim Tattoo
Swimmer Girl Oval Magnet
Free Shipping!
Red and Pink Butterfly Waterproof Temporary Swim Tattoos
Free Shipping on all tattoos!
USA 2017-2021 Swimming Time Standards Bag Tag
Shipping is just $1.00!! Long Course and Short Course Time Standards
Robic M339 3D Motion Sensor Memory Pedometer 12 Pack with Case 16
Device automatically calculates the time spent walking, running and hiking.
USA Swimming Lanyard- 18
Perfect for any swimmer, official or coach!
Was $6.00
Robic M339 3D Motion Sensor Memory Pedometer 18
Takes the Worry out of using Pedometers, Wear it anywhere, in your pocket, purse...
Water Gear Progressive Back Float
Great training aid for your little one! Use less flotation as your swimmer...
Speedo Shine by Misfit 16
Speedo Shine is the world’s first activity, swim, and sleep tracker that was...
Water Gear Silicone Putty Earplugs
Protect Your Ears With Water Gear Silicone Putty Earplugs!
SportCount Finger Chrono 200 Lap Counter/Stopwatch 18
Fits on your Finger!