Swim snorkels, pace trainers and other swim training equipment by Finis, SportCount and others!!

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Arena Elite Finger Paddle 19
Improve your hand and finger strength during any stroke with the Arena Elite...
RANGS Training Kit 14
One Kit; Dozens Of Uses. Perfection Of Stroke, Improvement Of Flexibility,...
Arena Elite Hand Paddle 19
Improve Your Stroke Technique And Build Strength With The Arena Elite Hand Paddle!
Robic SC-591 Referee Watch w/ 100 Memory & Light 20
The perfect Refereeā€™s & Officials Wrist Watch! Use this sleek, high quality wrist...
Arena Swim Snorkel 19
Keep your lungs strong with this front mount snorkel!
Speedo Aqua Fitness Jog Belt 20
Get Support And Stability With Speedo Aqua Fitness Jog Belt.
Arena Swim Snorkel Pro 19
Snorkel like a pro with the Arena Swim Snorkel Pro. The hydrodynamic design...
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Barbell & Belt Set 20
This Combo set includes everything you need for a low-impact water workout.
Arena Vortex Evolution Hand Paddle 19
Intensify Your Training With Arena Vortex Evolution Hand Paddle!
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Barbells 20
Help Build Upper Body Strength With Speedo's Aquatic Fitness Barbells.
Chamois Sport Towels 20
High Quality PVA chamois in carrying case!
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves 20
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves are a Great Tool To Add To Your Workout.
Dolfin Kickball 20
Ideal tool for anything related to stability in the swimming pool; from pulling...
Speedo Biofuse Silicone Training Fins 20
Speedo Biofuse Training Fin Offers A Perfect Blend Of Hard And Soft Silicone To...
Dolfin Nose Clip 19
Concentrate on your race and keep the water out of your nose with this nose clip...
Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel 20
Engineered With The Most Hydrodynamic Features, The Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel Is...
FINIS Agility Paddle 20
A winner of the 2013 red dot Design Award, the high-quality design of the FINIS...
Speedo Hydralign Junior Center Snorkel Blue Hawaii 20
The Speedo Hydralign Junior Center Snorkel Helps You Maintain the Correct Head...
Was $25.00
FINIS Forearm Fulcrum Paddles 20
The Finis Forearm Fulcrum paddle is designed to complement paddles, by improving...
Speedo Junior Team Pull Buoy 20
The Speedo Jr. Team Pull Buoy is an essential for every swimmer.
Finis Pulling Ankle Strap 20
The Finis Pulling Ankle Strap Holds Your Feet And Ankles Together To Eliminate...
Speedo Silicone Ear Plugs 20
Get Comfortable And Effective With Speedo's Silicone Ear Plugs.
Finis Swimmer's Centermount Snorkel 20
Swim at normal and much slower speeds with perfect stability and a full range of...
SportCount Finger Chrono 200 Lap Counter/Stopwatch 20
Fits on your Finger!
FINIS Swimmer's Swim Snorkel 20
This snorkel is ideal for swimmers with neck and back issues, allowing for a...
SportCount Finger Combo Lap Counter & Timer 20
Fits on your Finger!
Finis Ultimate Drag Suit 20
Drag "cups" around the waistline of the suit increase forward resistance! Great...
SportCount Finger Countdown Timer 20
Fits on your finger for endless uses!
Fox 40 Peerless Whistle- 20
Original Fox 40 brand whistle.
SportCount Finger Lap Counter 20
Fits on your finger!
Kemp Kickboard
Great Kickboard and a great price!
SportCount Finger Stopwatch 20
Fits to your finger!
Kemp One-Piece Pull Buoy 19
EVA Foam
Storm Whistle 20
Can be blown underwater!
Kemp USA 25 Watt Megaphone 19
By far the best seller of all the megaphones!
StrechCordz Ankle Elastic 20
Made in the USA-use this band in water with pull buoys for pull sets to control...
Kemp USA Water Aerobic Belt
The Kemp Water Aerobic Belt unlike others is manufactured out of special EVA foam...
StrechCordz Basic Dry-Land Trainer w/Handles-Green(Resistance 8-24bs) 20
Made in the USA! Portable 4-Foot exercise tubing with 8-24 Lbs of Resistance....
Kemp Yoga Mat
This durable and lightweight EVA foam mat is ideal for on the go or in home use....
StrechCordz Basic Dry-Land Trainer w/Handles-Silver(Resistance 3-8lbs) 20
Made in the USA! Portable 4-Foot exercise tubing with 3-8 Lbs of Resistance....
Mesh Equipment Swim Bag
This bag will hold ALL of your training equipment! Perfect to take your...
StrechCordz Basic Dry-Land Trainer w/Handles-Yellow(Resistance 5-14lbs) 20
Made in the USA! Portable 4-Foot exercise tubing with 5-14 Lbs of Resistance....
MP Michael Phelps Focus Restrictor Snorkel Cap 20
The MP Focus Restrictor cap is placed inside the barrel of the Focus Snorkel,...
StrechCordz Belt Extension For Short Belt 20
Made in the USA-this extension provides additional length extensions to the Short...
Nike Kickboard 20
Nike's Hyper Crimson training kickboard.
StrechCordz Breaststroke Machine 20
Made in the USA-this unique resistance product used for both outward & inward...
Nike Training Hand Paddles 20
Train like never before in these Nike Hand Paddles!
StrechCordz Core Shoulder Stabilization DVD Set 20
Made in the USA-this complete shoulder strengthening program designed for...