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Rangs Independent Pull Buoys SR 18

The Smarter Pull Buoy
Finis-Rangs Finis-Rangs-SR
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Product Details
This is new type of pull buoy system that is easy to use and does not 
fall off.  They are great for all strokes and fasten with velcro.  You
can develop upper body strength without worrying about sacrificing
rhythm or your technique.  You can focus on pulling and not on
keeping your legs squeezed together.  They encourage long-axis rotation
and develop proper swimming angles and balance of stroke.

How to Apply and Use RANGS Independent Pull Buoys
The Smarter Pull Buoy
RANGS are neoprene independent pull buoys designed by coach and
biomechanist Steve Friederang that wrap around each leg and hold with
velcro to free you to swim naturally. Each buoy conforms to your
legs, providing the most efficient lower body support. This support
then allows you to settle into a front-end dominated rhythm as you
develop upper body strength. So, rip your turns, even kick off the
wall if you want, knowing that the RANGS independent buoy system will
not fall off. RANGS can be used for all four strokes, providing much
more natural rotation in freestyle and backstroke, and creating a
more streamlined body position in breast and fly. Better for rhythm.
Better for balance. RANGS: simply better pull buoys.

How to Apply:
• RANGS have two sides -- the outside which allows the hooks on the
velcro to comfortably adjust to any diameter leg, and the inside, a
special neoprene pattern that keeps the buoy from slipping when you
swim or make turns.
• RANGS also have a front and back -- where the foam conforms to
your leg and provides lift. Typically the back side is the side
facing the sky or roof and the front faces the bottom of the pool.
Reversing this application decreases stability and increases roll.
Experiment to see which is best for you.
• Place the RANG with the neoprene sticky side toward your leg. Most
people place the RANGS as high up the thigh as possible, but
experiment to find your ideal center of buoyancy.
• Wrap as tightly as comfortable to ensure the buoy won't slip. If
it does slip, stop and pull it tighter and lock the velcro in place.
• Do the same with the other RANG for the other leg.

If you are a swimmer or coach interested in making sure your legs
don't bend during the recovery part of the kick in dolphin and
flutter, place the foam of the RANG behind the knee and wrap tightly
with your leg straight. You will have to kick from your hip both on
the upsweep and the down-sweep. Most swimmers learn from this
feedback and build the muscles and muscle memory for a proper kick in
a short time, and simply swim faster from then on.
RANGS allow swimmers with any body type to customize ideal strokes
and gain upper body endurance without changing stroke mechanics. This
makes your practices more efficient and more effective, and helps
reduce injuries to shoulders and knees which are often negatively
affected by poor body position (ie: "flat" strokes). RANGS also help
you align with the principles of summation of forces and specific
adaptation to imposed demands (the SAID principle).

Rinse with fresh water after use and store in your Finis mesh bag in
between practices.

How to use:
For Freestyle and Backstroke:
• RANGS encourage rotation. So forget your habit of staying flat
when squeezing the old fashioned buoys between your legs. Now you can
and you should rotate 40-50 degrees at the shoulders and hips as you
pull or swim in freestyle and backstroke. This will provide a great
advantage over those who are squeezing their knees against a buoy.
• Focus on pulling, not on holding your thighs together. Allow your
body to rotate into an ideal position to pull and feel for your ideal
center from front to back as well as from side to side.
• TURNS: Pick up your kick and perform a single dolphin coming into
the wall to raise your hips and pull with your arms. You should be
able to see the front wall halfway through your flip while upside
down and your knees should be bent allowing your jump off the wall
with full force the instant your feet make contact.
• Focus on snapping your turns, not on retrieving your pull buoy.
Your knees should be shoulder width apart and you should explode into
and off the walls. Get your hands in streamline position and your
elbows locked with your body in alignment on its side BEFORE the
balls of your feet bounce onto and leap your body off of the wall.
Dolphin if you wish, again naturally, which means your knees will
flex open and shut and you kick up and down.
For Breaststroke and Butterfly:
• Using RANGS lifts your hips and shifts your center of buoyancy.
You can adjust this by attaching your RANGS up or down your leg into
the perfect position. Have a coach give you feedback as to where this
perfect center is. Even when your legs are exhausted, you can work
your stroke because your hips are where they are supposed to be. You
may use RANGS in full stroke fly or breast or you may focus totally
on upper body power or endurance.
• RANGS, used properly, encourage front-end swimming in all four
strokes. You should feel as if you are swimming or pulling down-hill,
and underwater video should show your hips in exactly the correct
position allowing you to conserve energy and to develop power and
endurance in the right muscles.
• RANGS are perfect for senior swimmers, triathletes, masters, age
groupers , fitness swimmers, water polo players, lifesaving
applications and even teaching applications (though they are NOT a
lifesaving device).