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Thank you very much! I am extremely pleased with your company’s customer service. It is very helpful that you contacted me and were able to personally communicate with me about the product I just ordered. Once again, extremely pleased. Thank you very much and I will definitely spread the good word of your company.
Ian, Cabot, Pa

Shark Pack Waterproof Cell Phone/Valuables Case

Protect your valuables while around water! IT FLOATS!!
Shark Pack Black
Shark Pack Black Shark Pack White
Item: GW-SP
Shark Pack
MSRP: $21.00
Our Price $17.00
Volume Discounts Available

Product Details


The Great White Waterproof Wallet

Comes with neck strap ONLY. This waterproof wallet will fit most new digital cameras, Blackberries, IPhones, PDAs or trios. This waterproof case is perfect for lounging in the pool or a calmer body of water. This product is also inflatable which allows for extra protection for your phone or camera during water activities.

Perfect to use as:

* waterproof iPhone holder
* waterproof Blackberry holder
* waterproof camera holder
* inflatable phone holder
* dry wallet
* waterproof cash holder
* water safe wallet
* water proof bag
* waterproof case
* travel passport holder
* travel documents holder
* dry wallet

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