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Just to let you know that today, we received the swim caps. They look absolutely fantastic! The latex material is of very good quality. The latex is a bit thicker, so they won't rip that easily. That's good especially for our smaller swimmers. They are always very rough with swim caps. The logo looks really cool. The shark looks even better with a white belly then our normal blue belly. Thanks again for all your help and as of now Jeannie Churchill is our official honorary member of the Saudia City Sharks.
Barry, Saudie Arabia

StrechCordz Drag Belt/Tow Tether Replacement Chute 13
Provides additional chutes for the Drag Belt and Tow Tether.
StrechCordz Drag Belt/Tow Tether Replacement Chute
Item: S109R
MSRP: $9.85
Our Price $8.95
Volume Discounts Available
# of ItemsPrice
12 - 47$8.00

Product Details
  • Features one Replacement Chute. Available in three sizes: 8-in (20cm), 12-in (30cm) or 16-in (40cm).
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