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Just to let you know that today, we received the swim caps. They look absolutely fantastic! The latex material is of very good quality. The latex is a bit thicker, so they won't rip that easily. That's good especially for our smaller swimmers. They are always very rough with swim caps. The logo looks really cool. The shark looks even better with a white belly then our normal blue belly. Thanks again for all your help and as of now Jeannie Churchill is our official honorary member of the Saudia City Sharks.
Barry, Saudie Arabia

Swim Team Fundraising Programs

Want to raise funds for your team? Splashwear Aquatics is here to help!! We can send items to you to sell at your swim meets. You tell us what kind of meet it is and how many participants and we’ll choose the perfect items that will fly off the table and make you lots of money!! Of course, if you have specific items in mind, we’ll send those too.

We have a very large selection of swim novelty items that sell very well at meets, as well as men's suits and women's suits, goggles and training equipment.

How does it work? The swim team chooses a Merchandise Coordinator. That person will be the team contact. We will work with him/her to finalize the details and a few days before the meet, you will receive your fundraising merchandise. Just set up the booth, sell the items and have fun visiting with everyone at the meet! After the meet, you pack the boxes back up and ship them back to us. It’s that simple.

Still unsure? Don’t worry. We can give you all the information, hints and tips to make it an easy and swimmingly successful sale!!

For more information on our swim team fundraising programs, just call or email us.