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Hi Jeannie, I had to come back and place my order with you again. I believe the store that "had" the red towels is actually out of business. After my dealings with you over this cancelled order, I told my friends that if we ever had to place a swim order that it would be through you. The kids can't wait to get their towels. Thanks so much for your assistance. Kari

The Leaper Swim and Sport Jump Trainer

EXPLODE off the blocks!
MSRP: $4,500.00
Our Price $4,450.00
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  The Leaper has been used for generations to help basketball players  
improve their explosive jumping ability as well as the endurance to
run and leap the whole game.
Now it’s your turn with a better machine and a digital readout.
Only the Leaper improves your explosive ability this much this fast!

What is the Leaper? It’s an isokinetic device to help you jump far
higher, run faster longer, kick with more power in swimming
breaststroke, kick with far more power through the whole range of
motion for martial arts. It’s great for rehab and prehab.
What you will quickly find, most people after only one session, is
that everything you do that involves your legs feels stronger and
more powerful!
As with all Minigym machines the Leaper is “isokinetic” which means
you get maximum resistance through the whole range of motion. No
other machine and no free weights can do that. Click the circle to
see which colleges and Pros already use one!
MOTIVATING: See Your improvement
Power, work, reps, time and average work are all indicators that your
performance will improve
6 inches in one month! Vertical Jump
Imagine what that does for your starts, turns, breastroke and
Less Soreness than squats
but much better results!
Jump, run and kick better. Start faster. Stop faster. Perform far
better because of the Leaper.
Used by Pro and college basketball teams