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Paddles by Speedo, Tyr, Strokemaker, Water Gear and others.

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Arena Vortex Evolution Hand Paddle 20
Intensify Your Training With Arena Vortex Evolution Hand Paddle!
Speedo Power Paddle Plus 20
Improve your swimming skills with the Speedo Power Paddle Plus!
Was $19.99
Dolfin Feedback Paddle 19
Increase your skill level of flap to further tune your stroke!
Strokemaker Swim Training Paddles 18
The Original Strokemaker!
Fast Paddles for Sprinters
The ONLY specialized sprint paddles in the world! Catch early and pull ALL the...
SwimmersBest 1FastCatch Brute 20
The 1FastCatch Brute paddle is a full displacement paddle that will become a...
Was $19.99
FINIS Agility Paddle 20
A winner of the 2013 red dot Design Award, the high-quality design of the FINIS...
SwimmersBest 1FastCatch Precise Paddle 20
Same features as the Precision Paddle, but only covers the fingers, not the palm....
Was $16.99
FINIS Forearm Fulcrum Paddles 20
The Finis Forearm Fulcrum paddle is designed to complement paddles, by improving...
SwimmersBest 1FastCatch Precision Paddle 20
The 1Fastcatch Precision Paddle is the industry's first combination displacement...
Was $19.99
Nike Training Hand Paddles 20
Train like never before in these Nike Hand Paddles!
TYR Catalyst Stroke Training Paddles 20
Develop the Proper Form With the Tyr Catalyst Stroke Training Paddles!
Speedo I.M. Tech Paddle 20
Speedo I.M. Tech Paddle is specifically designed to benefit the catch, pull and...
Was $21.99