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Ultrak 495 - 100 Dual Split Memory 17

Simple to use and extremely powerful!
Ultrak 495 - 100 Dual Split Memory - black
Ultrak 495 - 100 Dual Split Memory - black Ultrak 495 - 100 Dual Split Memory - yellow
Item: ULTRAK495
MSRP: $42.95
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Product Details

The 495, available in a handsome yellow or black case, is Ultrak's most popular stopwatch model within the professional coaches' community.

Coaches appreciate the Ultrak 495’s crisp button action and common-sense functionality – no automatic split release/no segregated memory equates to a simple-to-use but extremely powerful and precise timing instrument.

In 2010, the 495 received a chipset upgrade that enabled the third line of the stopwatch to display the user's choice of running event or running lap time! This enhancement is only available with the Ultrak 495. Other watches may looksimilar, but only the Ultrak 495 gives the serious coach the best combination of quality, usability and value! 

Ultrak 495 - 100 Memory Stopwatch 
» Large three row display 
» Continuous display of event time 
» Memory recall during operation 
» Takes splits from within recall mode 
» Stroke/frequency 
» Lithium Battery Measures to 10 hrs 
» Time & Calendar 
» Water Resistant 
» 5-year warranty