by Jeannie on Apr 30, 2014 at 5:32 PM


Sad Day at Splashwear


Boy…has this been a rough week….first, the tornado that tore through central Arkansas a few days ago…and today, my little orphaned Carolina wren, Larry Bird died.  Now, I realize that losing a little wild bird isn’t even close to the devastation the victims of the tornado are suffering, but losing my little charge, is just another thing on the pile this week.

 If you follow my blog, you know that we found him about 3 weeks ago…with no feathers and tried to nurse him to adulthood.  We got pretty close, but earlier this week, he hurt his leg and I guess just couldn’t pull through. 

It’s crazy how attached you can get to such a tiny little thing.  He was no bigger than a hummingbird.  But, we loved him and I was looking forward to seeing him fly all around the house and perhaps, eventually, setting him free.  I kept telling my husband that I wasn’t sure I could let him go and my husband just kept insisting that we WERE going to let him go!   Well, I guess he set himself free…he’s in birdie heaven now. 

So….all you shoppers who came to the store to see him…..I’m sorry, but he’s gone now. But, when you look in the trees and see a sweet little Carolina wren, think of Larry! 

I’ll miss you little guy!


Happy Flying Larry!



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