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It’s Friday!  Hooray!!  It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend in Arkansas!  We really need it after a long, cold winter.  Well, I know to those of you farther north, our cold is probably mild to you…but…what can I say…we have thin blood here!  So, anyway, this gorgeous weekend is just a taste of what’s to come.  Lake weather!  Spending weekends at the lake is pretty common here and we love it.  I adore days on the boat, eating at lakeside restaurants, lounging in the water, gazing at so many stars at night, roasting marshmallows by the campfire….it’s just heaven to me.  I have to thank my late father for designing and building a wonderful lake house to leave to his child and grandkids.  It is a wonderful gift that will keep giving for generations.  So, because of the impending warmer weather, I decided it was time for a change and got a hair cut! 


Which reminds me of hair care when you swim!  It’s so important to take care of your hair and skin before and after your workout!  We carry lots of chlorine eliminating products to help with that.  From shampoos and conditioners like UltraSwimTriSwim and Reflect H2O, to body lotions, body washes, Swim Spray and Suit Cleaners. 
Reflect H2O also has a pre-swim product that you can apply to your hair before you swim either in chlorine or salt water that will protect your hair from the effects of the water and sun.  My daughter, a former competitive swimmer and now a dolphin trainer at SeaWorld, swears by it!  And her hair proves how great this product is!  It’s healthy, silky and soft.  When she comes home, she always takes several bottles back to Florida with her!
DermaSwimPro is a pre-swim lotion that you can apply to your skin to keep the chlorine off your skin completely!  It makes you super slippery and works like a charm.  I have lots of customers who love it!  
Swim Spray is a relatively new product that it based on citrus extracts and it neutralizes the chlorine.  This is to be used after you get out of the water and before you shower.  It can be used on your hair and body.

If you are having problems with your hair from the effects of chlorine and/or salt and sun I have a few tips for you:

1. Of course, use high quality chlorine out products before and after you swim.

2. Wear a cap!  Even though you hair may still get wet, having that protection is key!

3. Wash your hair as soon as you get out of the water.  This tip is critical. Don’t let the chlorine or salt water dry in your hair.  Get it out before it dries!


Swimsuits don’t have to be washed.  The manufacturers recommend that you rinse your suit in cool water and hang to dry.  They do not recommend you machine wash suits or use any detergent on suits, but instead, if you feel they need to be washed, you need to use a swimsuit cleaner designed for swimsuits.  We have those!  I personally recommend that you soak your suit in a sink with a capful of Speedo Swimsuit Cleaner, then hang to dry.   That will keep you suit in tip top shape.

So, that’s all for today!  I hope you have a fantastic weekend at home, the lake, the beach or where ever this great weekend takes you!


Happy Swimming!


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