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"WOW! Late night RUSH order for a LZR Kneeskin. I had 3 emails to my order questions before early AM practice! This website actually has people behind it! FABULOUS Customer response, support and service!! THANK YOU Splashwear Aquatics." CPittman, Virginia
Cay, Virginia

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6 Nike Polyester Solid Lingerie Tanks and Fast Backs CLEARANCE! 20
FREE SHIPPING!! 6 suits at an incredible price on GREAT practice suits! 100%...
Was $420.00
Grab Bag Jammer 20
Choose your size and I'll choose a great jammer for you!
Was $48.00
Aqua Soleil 2 piece bikini/skirt Gold Sand Clearance!!!
This print is so cute! The gold is metallic!
Was $118.00
Infant Boy's Fashion Swim Trunks CLEARANCE!!
These shorts are ADORABLE and at this CLEARANCE's a win win!
Was $25.00
Aqua Soleil 2 piece suit - Black/White Clearance
AMAZING PRICE-& a super cute suit too!
Was $124.00
Nike Polyester Solid Navy Lingerie Tank
Incredible Deal for a GREAT practice suit! Only $10
Was $70.00
Aqua Soleil Tankini with Skirt Sand CLEARANCE
This tankini is the cutest!!!
Nike Swift Elite Cap SALE! 19
Half off-What a Deal!!!
Was $37.00
Arena Textured MaxLife Ladies Accelerate Back 1-Piece 20
Was $78.00
Robic Finger Touch Pulse Monitor
Water Resistant up to 30M Take your pulse with just a touch of your finger!
Was $33.00
Dolfin Uglies Halloween Suit! 19
Show your love of Halloween in the POOL!!
Was $40.00
Seahawks Team suits
Rebecca, Here is your team gear!
Grab Bag Female Suit!!
Up to 56% OFF!!
Was $80.00
TYR Women's Santorini Off The Wall Tank w SALE!
In addition to it’s easy, loose fit, the Off the Wall Tank also includes a deep,...
Was $39.99