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Hi Jeannie, I had to come back and place my order with you again. I believe the store that "had" the red towels is actually out of business. After my dealings with you over this cancelled order, I told my friends that if we ever had to place a swim order that it would be through you. The kids can't wait to get their towels. Thanks so much for your assistance. Kari

Nike Polyester Solid Lingerie Tank

GREAT practice suit! 100% Polyester!
Nike Polyester Solid Lingerie Tank - Navy
Nike Polyester Solid Lingerie Tank - Navy Nike Polyester Solid Lingerie Tank - Black
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Please note...this is a competitive suit and fits quite snugly.  Competitive swimmmers wear their suits very tightly to swim faster.  Size 24 is a normal size for high school and college aged competitive swimmers, BUT... If you are not a competitive swimmer, size 24 is the same as a girl's 8-10.

Enhance your performance with the Nike Polyester Solid Lingerie Tank Swimsuit. It's made with 100% Polyester! Features Excellent shape retention. Designed to help you train fast by reducing drag, providing maximum support and offering complete ease of motion. High neckline minimizes water intake at front of suit. Choose from thick or thin straps!