Splashwear Aquatics is a leading competition swim team apparel company that sells swimsuits and equipment from all of the leading swim apparel manufacturers such as Nike, Speedo, Tyr, and Dolfin.

  •  We offer one of the largest selections of swimming apparel online
  •  We constantly strive to deliver the lowest price online
  • We deliver personal and friendly customer service that is accessible by phone or email

What can we offer you?

We pay commission on every sale that comes from your website or from your affiliate link. We begin our commission rate at 4% of the total cart value, and we promote affiliates based on sales and website performance. If you generate a lot of sales through your website or have a high-profile site, we will promote accordingly.

How do I sign up?


It’s easy. IF you do not already have a store account, then you will need to register for a Store account by clicking here  Create Store Account. Please contact us if you have any questions.