Fabulous service! Thank you. Krystyna

Thanks again! I will be ordering more from you! I am amazed at how well you have treated me in responding to my order. Calling me only a couple of hours after my online order to discuss alternate bag and combining my items shows exceptional customer service. I just started swimming a couple of weeks ago since I have a stress fracture in my foot that is limiting my ability to run. I quickly realized that it's impossible for me to keep track of my laps in the pool. Google led me to your site showing you had the best price on the swim lap counter and I was very happy to find great prices on the other items I ordered. Thank you for making this a great experience. G

Thanks, Jeannie, I appreciate your quick response regarding my order and informing me about the shipments.

Received the order, my daughter loves the suits! Thank you for the quick service.

This is super! I will be sure to tell my friends about your company. Thank you.