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I will definitely shop again at your site when I have the need! I am helping to coach our town swim team after being away at school for a few years, so I will definitely recommend your site to some of my swimmers and other coaches, especially before the start of next summer's season. I appreciate the personal email you sent telling me about the suit and everything. Being from a small town, it really touches home!
Katie, Arlington, IA

We have many different styles of kickboards from brands such as Speedo, Tyr, Nike and Water Gear!

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Arena Kickboard 20
Make your kick stronger with this easy to hold kickboard!
Speedo Team Kickboard 20
The Speedo Team Kickboard is a must-have for every swimmer in every pool!
Arena Pull Kick 20
Get more bang for your buck with Arena Pull Kick!
Speedo Washboard 20
Amp up every swim with the Speedo Washboard.
Arena Pullkick Pro 19
Lightweight, practical, and easy to use, this swimming accessory can be used as a...
The Brick Weighted Kickboard
"Its awesome. One of the best pieces of equipment I have used since the snorkel....
Was $43.99
Dolfin Jr. Kickboard 19
Ideal for kids and smaller swimmers of all levels!
Tyr Hydrofoil Kickboard 20
The Tyr Hydrofoil Kickboard Offers a Very Natural Body Position While Training!
Dolfin Kickboard 19
Ideal for swimmers of all levels!
Tyr Junior Kickboard 20
Smaller design decreases impact on shoulders and is perfect for youth and smaller...
Kemp Kickboard
Great Kickboard and a great price!
Tyr Kickboard 20
Training device immobilizes arms and helps improve leg strength through kicking.
Nike Kickboard 20
Nike's Hyper Crimson training kickboard.
TYR USA Kickboard 20
Show Your USA Pride While Training With The TYR USA Kickboard!
Speedo Junior Team Kickboard 20
The Speedo Team Kickboard is a must-have for every swimmer in every pool!
Water Gear PEF Kick Board
Great for training and recreation.
Speedo Pull Kick 20
The Speedo Pull Kick Can Be Used As a Kickboard Or Pullbuoy!