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Hello Jeannie. Just wanted to drop a friendly line to advise you of the compliments we received yesterday. Our team was selected to race against Olympian Collen Jones. He had a news briefing yesterday and kept saying how much he liked our blue suits. We really looked professional all season long. We have now began to swim Club and the parks are now part of USA swim, so if asked we will provide you as our point of contact. Thanks again for designing such nice looking suits. Until we have to order again.... Sincerely, Dezria Holmes 773-841-1465
Dezria, Fernwood

Swim training fins by Speedo, Tyr, Sprint Rothhammer and many others.

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Arena Powerfin 19
The Arena Powerfin is a classic fin designed to increase your speed and intensity...
Sprint Aquatics Vertex II Training Fins 19
Kick it in gear in the Vertex II Training Fins-Clearance!!!!
Was $30.00
Arena Powerfin Hook 19
Comfortable and easy to use!
Training Fins 19
Great Basic Training Fins
Arena Powerfin Pro Swim Fins 20
Train hard with the unisex Arena Powerfin Pro Fin. Ideal for advanced swimmers,...
Tyr Crossblade Training Fins 2.0 20
The Tyr Crossblade Training Fin 2.0 Is a Multi-Purpose Training fin!
Arena Tech Fin 19
Get A Great Lightweight Fin With Arena Tech Fin!
Tyr Dry Off Sport Towel 20
Get Dry FAST With Tyr's Dry Off Sport Towel!
Nike Swim Fins-Short Fins 20
These fins are FAST & Flexible! Available in Small & Med Only
TYR EBP Burner Fin 2.0 21
Train Your Body for Race Day With the Tyr EBP Burner Fin 2.0!
Speedo Biofuse Silicone Training Fins 20
Speedo Biofuse Training Fin Offers A Perfect Blend Of Hard And Soft Silicone To...
TYR Fin Boot 20
By helping to prevent blisters and improving in-between size fit, our Fin Boots...
Speedo Switch Blade Training Fin 20
Develop a Stronger Kick With Speedo's Switch Blade Training Fin!
TYR Flexfins 2.0 20
Increase Your Leg Strength With the Tyr Flexfins!
Speedo Trailon Rubber Swim Fin 20
Get Power Efficient Rubber Swim Fins with Speedo's Trailon Rubber Swim Fin.
Tyr Large Dry Off Sport Towel 20
Get Dry FAST With Tyr's Large Dry Off Sport Towel!