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Swim training paddles by Speedo, Tyr, Strokemaker and more!

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Agility Paddles by Finis 19
This NEW strapless paddle helps teach the correct palm positive hand position!
Strokemaker Swim Training Paddles 18
The Original Strokemaker!
Arena Elite Finger Paddle 19
Improve your hand and finger strength during any stroke with the Arena Elite...
SwimmersBest 1FastCatch Brute 19
The 1FastCatch Brute paddle is a full displacement paddle that will become a...
Arena Elite Hand Paddle 19
Improve Your Stroke Technique And Build Strength With The Arena Elite Hand Paddle!
SwimmersBest 1FastCatch Glide Paddle 19
The 1Fastcatch Glide Paddle has 5 bottom fins allowing you to detect incorrect...
Arena Flex Swim Paddles 19
Improve your water workout and get a great feel of the water with the Arena Flex...
SwimmersBest 1FastCatch Precise Paddle 19
Same features as the Precision Paddle, but only covers the fingers, not the palm.
Arena Vortex Evolution Hand Paddle 17
Intensify Your Training With Arena Vortex Evolution Hand Paddle!
SwimmersBest 1FastCatch Precision Paddle 19
The 1Fastcatch Precision Paddle is the industry's first combination displacement...
Dolfin Feedback Paddle 19
Increase your skill level of flap to further tune your stroke!
SwimmersBest 1FastCatch Touch Paddle 19
The 1Fastcatch Touch paddle is the only paddle that allows a relaxed hand and the...
Dolfin Kickball 19
Ideal tool for anything related to stability in the swimming pool; from pulling...
Thornton Finger Paddles
BRAND NEW!! Makes Stronger, Faster and more Enduring Strokes Possible!
Fast Paddles for Sprinters
The ONLY specialized sprint paddles in the world! Catch early and pull ALL the...
TYR Catalyst 2 Training Paddles 19
Train Hard, Train Smart With The TYR Catalyst 2 Training Paddles!
MP Michael Phelps Strength Paddle 18
The MP Technique Paddle ensures that swimmers strictly focus on technique and...
TYR Catalyst Brites 19
Invented by World Record Masters swimmer and former ASU coaching great Ron...
MP Michael Phelps Technique Paddle 18
Prevents swimmer from bending at the wrist & dropping the elbow.
TYR Catalyst Contour Training Paddles 19
Develop the Proper Form With the Tyr Catalyst Contour Training Paddles!
Speedo Aqua Fitness Glove 15
Speedo Aqua Fitness Glove Is A Great Tool To Add To Your Workout.
TYR Mentor 2 Training Paddles 19
Train Hard, Train Smart With The TYR Mentor 2 Training Paddles!
Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddle 18
The Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddles help train you to grip rather than slipping...
TYR Mentor Hand Paddle 19
Created and developed by Ron Johnson (World Record Master swimmer, former ASU...
Speedo Clutch Paddle 17
Enhance your training with the Speedo The Clutch Paddle!
Water Gear Bulk Deluxe Hand Paddles 17
Great Price For Team paddles! This Price Is For 12 Blades!
Speedo I.M. Tech Paddle 19
Speedo I.M. Tech Paddle is specifically designed to benefit the catch, pull and...
Water Gear Bulk Finger Paddles 11
Great Price For Team Finger Paddles! This Price Is For 12!
Speedo Nemesis Contour Paddles 17
Focus on your swim and train with the Speedo Nemesis Contour Paddles.
Water Gear Bulk Stroke Master Hand Paddles 11
Great Price For Team Hand Paddles! This Price Is For 12!
Speedo Power Paddle Plus 19
Improve your swimming skills with the Speedo Power Paddle Plus!
Water Gear Lycra Force Gloves 11
Get More Out Of Your Training With Water Gear Lycra Force Gloves!
Speedo Preflex Paddle 17
Lock down your technique with the Speedo Preflex Swim Paddles.
Water Gear Lycra-Neoprene Force Gloves 11
Get Resistance With Water Gear Lycra-Neoprene Force Gloves!
Speedo Training Paddle 19
Develop Upper Body Strength With the Speedo Training Paddle!